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    Car Hire Thailand - Answering your Thailand Car Rental Questions

    Need to hire a car in Thailand? After the best deal and best package with zero or low excess? We can help you find the cheapest and best value Thailand car hire. The market for car rental is big as Thailand lends itself to a fly drive destination. Motorways are plentiful and good that are mostly signposted in both English and Thai. We can provide you with comparative quotes from the big brands that include Budget, AVIS, Sixt, National and Hertz. We also represent the local quality rental outlets that include Thai Rent a Car, Bizcar Rentals Thailand and recently Chic Car Rental. 

    How much does it cost to rent a car in Thailand?

    The answer depends on a number of factors. Number 1 will be the car category. The entry level category typically Honda Brio will be the cheapest. Whilst small car rental is popular if you intend cover some distance it is better to go for the mid size Honda City or the larger Accord or Camry. As you go up the categories the prices increase.  

    Time of Year : Thailand has high and low season for car rental. In the high season rentals cars are in high demand and do sell out quickly. The biggest demand is over the songkran period. Christmas and the new year are also sell out periods. In low seasons you will find the cheapest prices. 

    Is one way Car Hire in Thailand free ?

    Most rental companies with the exception of a few will offer free one ways for rental 7 days or over. With Budget only 4 days needed to qualify for a free one way. This gives you the option to make a road trip without retracing your steps. For example pickup your car rental at Bangkok airport and return to Chiang Mai airport or Phuket airport. If you are going to cover a lot of ground we would recommend choosing mid size or full size  for that added luxury on long road trips.

    Are Miles Free and Unlimited in Thailand?

    Most countries will put  limit on the number miles and charge you extra above that limit. This can add a substantial amount to the final cost of the car rental. In Thailand you will not face that problem as all supplier offer free miles without any limit.

    What is the Insurance Excess on Rental Cars in Thailand

    Most rental companies apply an excess to your rental. This means should you be in an accident deemed to be your fault you will be liable for that excess amount. The amount of excess can be substantial and daunting if this your first time hiring a car, the rental company will normally offer you an option to buy additional daily excess insurance to reduce the amount to a reasonable amount or is some cases waive the excess completely. In Thailand most companies will charge an excess. The good news it is substantially lower than other countries. For example with Thai Rent a Car the excess is TB5,000 for mid and small size car categories. For full size that would include the Camry and Accord the excess is THB10,000 

    The excess amount must be paid using the credit card of the lead driver cash will not be accepted ( no exceptions ). All suppliers will give you an option to purchase additional daily insurance to waiver the excess. This can be arranged at the pickup depot. With Thai Rent car is currently (2019) THB200 per day to wive it to zero. 

    Zero excess does not mean that you have no liability. It is normal that widows, tires and underside is still the responsibility of the driver. Budget do offer to include these in their insurance package. and 

    What should I do if I have an accident in the rental car ? 

    Whilst we hope this does not happen it is better to know the procedure. The first thing is to contact the rental supplier. Emergency numbers will be in the documentation given when picking up rental. They will send an insurance rider on a motorbike ( to get there quickly). In the meantime please do not move the car from the scene of the accident. Even if it is blocking traffic. This may sound wrong and I agree, but this is how it is done in Thailand. It is also time to take some holiday snaps of the accident scene especially if you are the innocent party. In some cases the police will arrive first and chalk out the car and take more pictures. They will then ask you to move to a layby so traffic can keep moving. It can take upto 45 minutes ( depending ) for the motorbike rider to arrive so please be patient. When he does arrive it should be all completed in 30 mins. If the accident is minor the rental company will let you continue with the same rental car. If you do wish to change then they will also oblige.

    Are Additional Drivers Free and  How do I add them ? 

    Most suppliers allow you to add additional free drivers, some suppliers only allow 1 free extra driver, some 3 and some unlimited. The deal on free extra drivers will be made clear during the booking stage. Please be aware that the additional driver must be present to be added. It is also possible to return to any of the supplier depots during the rental period and add additional drivers to your rental agreement.

    What type of drivers licence will I needed to rent a car

    You will need an international driving permit. This along with your passport should be carried in the rental vehicle at all times. The rental company will accept your normal licence from country of residence. That international licence is only enforced by the Thai police, so if you only have your county licence expect a roadside fine. This will mean a trip to the local police station. In most cases the policeman will be happy with a small bribe THB 500  to a THB1,000. You are unlike to be stopped unless speeding so it is a not a big issue..

    If your licence is not the roman alphabet please bring along an official translation.

    Why do Rental Companies in Thailand ask for a Refundable Deposit?

    This is common practice in any country that you rent a car. The deposit acts as a bond and covers the rental company for a variety of possible scenarios, for example you return the vehicle empty ( will need refilled), filthy dirty and smelly ( will need valeting and maybe retired until the smell dissipates ), you caused malicious damage to the interior, return the vehicle full of sand and extremely dirty , return late. All the aforementioned  events will cost the rental company and as such they ask for a deposit that is refundable in full should you follow standard instructions and take proper care of the  rental vehicle. 

    Parking rules in Thailand

    Car parking space is a premium especially at weekends in the large shopping malls like Central mall. Parking  in front of another car is common practice. The most important things is that you must leave the car in neutral. Double check this by giving the car a push to ensure it moves easily. If you are parking on the street make sure it is legal even if you see other parked cars it does not mean it is okay to park. You will often see cars that have been clamped for parking illegally and that will ruin your day.

    What happens if I return the rental car late?

    All Thai  rental companies give you one hour grace. What this means is if you are due ti return the rental at 14:00 you have until 14:59 before they will charge any additional fee for late return. If you return after the 1 hour grace period you will be liable for extra charges and you may also affect someone else holidays as they are due to pickup the same rental that has been returned late. So please bear this in mind when calculating the journey time to the airport or rental depot.

    Are suppliers on airport or do I need to take a shuttle ?

    Thai Rentals in the past provided a meet and greet service at Suvarnabhumi airport, now for your convenience all All rental suppliers now have a desk on the second floor.  This is true of most airports in Thailand and no lengthy shuttle service is required so you can commence your journey quickly after landing. 

    What do Flashing Headlights mean in Thailand?

    The use of flashing headlights normally means that the driver will not stop or give way to you. You will notice this mostly at U Turns. If moving from one lane to the next is slow traffic flashing headlights indicates the driver is giving ay to you.

    Finding a good deal on Thailand Car Rental  - Compare the Cost of Car Hire Thailand

    All these suppliers have multiple locations throughout Thailand so you pickup a car rental from Bangkok and return to Hua Hin for example. If you car rental is seven days or over this will be free, with most suppliers.

    If you are out to find the best deal on Thailand car rental start by getting multiple quotes from different operators. We can help you by letting you easily compare prices and package with branded names including Sixt Car Rental Thailand, Hertz Thailand , National Car Hire Thailand. We also have great deals from local suppliers such as Thai rent a car and Chic Car Rent Thailand. All these suppliers have multiple locations throughout Thailand

    Car Hire Thailand Customer Reviews

    As always, great service and good value for money.
    The Budget staff spoke good English and even helped me with the sat nav which is in English and a real must if staying in or around Bangkok.



    The Budget staff spoke good English and even helped me with the sat nav which is in English and a real must if staying in or around Bangkok. As always, great service and good value for money.


    Chiang Mai

    You asked for a review. The website is easy to use with good prices. I always book well in advance and never have a problem


    Hua Hin