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Need car hire Trang airport? We have a great choice of autos available to hire for your perfect self drive holiday. The rental category with 7 seats includes the SUV jeep style Isuzu MU7 or the Nissan Wagon. Be aware the extra 2 seats that make these able to accommodate 7 requires using  2 rear folding seats that would normally store luggage, so keep in mind using all 7 seats will limit luggage space.

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Full size luxury car rental is also available courtesy of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Other quirky options are available with Budget including the slinky Honda Step Wagon that is able to seat 6 in comfort and provides a soft ride.

At Car Hire Thailand we can offer ZERO excess car rental with Budget Car Rental Thailand, Budget have a first class fleet of vehicles that include the Toyota Hiace 11-seater, the 2 and 4-door pickups, the 7 seater Toyota Fortuner and luxury mid and full size cars

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The Andaman Coast in Thailand is just as famous as the Gulf, the beaches are gorgeous and the Chang is flowing. The Andaman Coast is often the gateway to famous Thai islands like Ko Lipe and the closest being Ko Muk. The city itself has its own airport and services airlines like Nok Air airlines. The airport is only 7 km from Trang town center and provides great flights to lots of destinations like Bangkok. Although there is not much to do in the airport, the surrounding areas are teeming with life and plenty of fun adventures, whether you want to enjoy yourself in the jungle or relax on the beaches and sail to the infamous Thai islands.

Trang is most certainly one of Thailand's magical undiscovered hideaways, boasting tropical islands with secluded beaches, clear water, and towering cliffs. With its quiet and unassuming nature, Trang, like the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga, has a stunning coastline which offers some of Thailand's finest white sand beaches, and literally dozens of unexplored and uninhabited islands. In the interior, waterfalls, lagoons, forests, and hidden caves intermingle with rolling sweeps of leafy rubber plantations in an agriculturally rich and diverse landscape.Kopi Tasting and Marketing

Many visitors to Trang are in transit to nearby islands however, should you be an aficionado of culture, Thai food, or markets, give some serious thought to staying here a day or possibly more. Here is an old-school Thai town where you can easily get lost in the markets, and the many late-night Chinese coffee shops which are known for the locally grown, wood-fired Robusta coffee, better known as kopi. No matter what the time of year, there will most likely be some type of festival going on that oozes local colour. Most all tourist facilities are located along Praram VI, between the clock tower and the train station.

Trang's Botanical Gardens

Here you be amazed by a series of raised walkways that wind through jungle canopy some 18 metres above ground which transverse through the park’s several square kilometres that are blanketed by lush foliage. There are a series of well-marked paths, which make this an optimal hiking destination. Be forewarned, the trails can at times get a bit muddy at times in a few places.


If you’re up for an adventure, the Ban That Mountains in Trang province’s remote eastern reaches are home to 10 waterfalls, most of which are reachable on a single day trip. The locals will insist that Nam Tok Ton Te (nam tok is Thai for ‘waterfall’) is the best of the bunch. Sai Rung, Lam Plok and Ton Tok waterfalls are all on the way to Ton Te so, don’t forget the camera.

Highway No. 4:

One of the most famous drives is for one to begin their journey on Highway No. 4 and then head to Highway No. 41. This drive is most famous for people going from Bangkok to Trang or vice versa. Along the way, you’ll stop in famous cities like Chumphon. Chumphon is famous as a gateway to the islands off of the Gulf of Thailand like Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui. Islands like Koh Phangan are famous for diving and the infamous and most notorious southeast Asian party that is the Full Moon Party.

Highway No. 4 to Bangkok:

Another option is to take Highway No. 4 all the way to Bangkok and make a little tour through sights like Ranong. Ranong is often rainy, as it seems to get around 8 months of rain a year. It is located on the Malay Peninsula, west of the Phuket Mountain Range. If you are in the area, you can’t miss the great hikes through the jungle one can only experience in Thailand. Be sure to bring your mosquito repellent!
You could also hop on Highway No. 4-407 and follow yourself south from Trang, into Phatthalung, and then into the popular southern gateway to Malaysia that is Hat Yai. The entire drive is only around 148 kilometers. If you feel like enjoying the night life of the south, take Highway No. 4-402 for 300 kilometers and head to the beach side town of Phuket.

Compare Trang Airport Car Rental

Car rental Trang airport is the best option to see this part of Thailand. All the big names in car rental are represented at the airport. If you are thinking of booking a way car rental from Trang to another location some suppliers will offer this free if the rental term is 4 days or over. To get the  best deal of car rental Trang airport compare the price from the different suppliers and take into account the amount charged for extras. Also look at the excess amount as this is the amount you may be liable for.