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Car hire ubon ratchathani airport

We offer budget car hire at Ubon Ratchathani airport with multiple Thai rental companies that include Sixt, Budget, Avis and Thai rent a car. To get the best price start by comparing the prices and packages with multiple suppliers of car hire in Ratchathani and at the airport. All suppliers offer at least 1 free additional driver and no cap on millage. Budget have a zero excess package which means your fully covered in the event of an accident.  We have many locations in Thailand car hire Bangkok being the most popular.

Driving in and around Ubon Ratchathani is straightforward, with highways connecting major locations in the region. Many of the area’s remote beauty spots and historical sites like Preah Vihear are inconvenient to reach via public transport, so this is one place you will want to have your own rental car.

Ubon Ratchathani - Suggested Day Trips

Often times referred to as simply ‘Ubon’, this majestic city in Thailand’s southern Isaan region is a gateway to the province’s many National Parks, dams, and the ancient Khmer ruins. As one drives in and around Ubon Ratchathani, there are highways and major roads that connect the many major locations in the region, making the driving pretty much straightforward.

That said, because of the fact that many of the area’s historical sites and beauty spots are quite remote and not possible to reach by way of public transport, this is for sure, one spot you will really need your own set of wheels.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

This archaeological site is part of the Nong Han District in Udon Thani Province of Thailand. It was initially discovered in 1966 and quickly gained the attention of the public partly due to its brilliant red painted pottery. Since the initial discovery, more remains of pottery have been unearthed in this village, providing important insight into the history of the land.

Temple of a Million Bottles

The bottle-collection-turned-building started in 1984, when the local monks used them to decorate their shelters. The use of this shiny building material attracted people, which in turn caused them to donate more bottles. Eventually, they had enough to build the temple standing today. Bottle caps are also used extensively, and are integrated as decorative mosaic murals. The bottle bricks do not fade, they let natural light into the space, and are they are very easy to maintain.

Sirindhorn Dam

Called Khuean Dom Noi by the locals, the rock-fill dam with a clay core was constructed across the Lam Dom Noi, a tributary of the Mun River. This hydroelectric dam is 42m high and 940m long, and also supports irrigation in the region. Adjacent to the reservoir, is located Sirindhorn Park which is a well maintained beautiful place, adorned with colourful gardens, sculptures, fountains, and numerous guesthouses which surround the Wat Pa Maha Kaew Temple.