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Should I Hire a Car in Thailand

If you will be staying in Bangkok, you have no need for a rental car. Taxis are easy to flag down, and you also have a first rate Sky Train (BTS) and interlinking metro service (MRT). However if you are staying outside of Bangkok Hua Hin for example a Hua Hin Rental car rental will enable you to go to the local shopping malls and visit nearby attractions.  Also, car rental Thailand is not hat expensive when compared to costs to hire a car in other countries. 

Some Tips on Driving in Thailand

What Do Flashing Headlights Mean In Thailand?

The use of flashing headlights normally means that the driver will not stop or give way to you. You will notice this mostly at U Turns. If moving from one lane to the next in slow traffic, flashing headlights indicates the driver is giving way to you.

Parking in Thailand Supermarkets, Shopping Malls and Airport

Car parking space is a premium, especially at weekends in the large shopping malls like Central mall. Parking in front of another car is common practice. The most important thing to remember is to leave your car in neutral. Double check this by giving the car a push to ensure it moves easily. If you are parking on the street make sure it is legal, even if you see other parked cars it does not mean it is okay to park. You will often see cars that have been clamped for parking illegally and that will ruin your day.

Should I Rent A Car In Phuket Or Use Taxis?

We thought it was are duty to forewarn you if you are planning to rely on the local taxi service in Phuket The Phuket taxi service is a scam with prices so high renting a car will be a much cheaper option. A Phuket rental car will also provide you with an easy trip to the different beaches, shopping malls and in the evening you can try out the many different restaurants that are spotted all over the island. Unfortunately, attempts to stop the price scam have failed and it is believed that criminals are involved in keeping the all Phuket taxi prices inflated.

Thailand Taxis and Taxi Meters

By law, all taxis in Thailand must have a meter, but sometimes the driver will intentionally not switch on the meter and at the end of the journey rip you off with a price pulled from the air. 

When you use a taxi, it is important that the taxi is metered. At night, especially, you will find that some drivers with meters will not turn on the meter and at the end of the trip, try and charge you a price twice as much or more of the regular metered price. We advise checking in the first few seconds or confirming with the driver that you need the meter switched on before setting off. If they refuse to, simply get out and try the next taxi

Even if you rent a car, you will most likely make use of a taxi here and there whilst in Thailand. Overall, the taxis are cheap, but we have highlighted some of the things to watch out for, especially if renting late at night. Also, renting a car can work out much cheaper than taxi's, especially if Phuket or Chiang Mai is your destination.