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Mae Sot

Budget Car Hire Mae Sot- Unbeatable Prices

In Mae Sot we can offer a choice of self drive autos for your perfect Thailand holiday. The 7 seven seater category includes the SUV jeep style Isuzu MU 7 4×4 or 7 seater Fortuner( with 2 rear foldings seats). Economy budget vehicles are available for hire and include the Honda Jazz and Brio. Full size luxury car rental is also available courtesy of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Other quirky options are available with Budget including the slinky Honda Step Wagon that is able to seat 6 in comfort and provides a soft ride.

All cars are automatic with aircon, the 2 door pickup and the 12 seater minibus are exceptions being manual shift.

Mae Sot is located in the awesome and fun Tak province in

lower Northern Thailand

, which was first established before the Sukhothai period. This in itself makes it a very historical city and should be appreciated much more than just for partying. One of the most famous sights people experience here is to head to the Gibbon Sanctuary, where you will not only see Gibbons but a bunch of other animals. Some of which can only be found in Thailand! The airport itself is only 2 kilometers from the city center and runs flights from Nok Air daily. Mae Sot serves as a great gateway into Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Suggested Trips In and Around Mae Sot

Mae Sot to Chiang Rai:

Driving from Mae Sot to Chiang Rai is one of the most famous drives, and then heading to Chiang Mai. The drive from Mae Sot to Chiang Rai and then onto Chiang Mai is easily done on Route 1 and is around 7 hours. It’s often quicker for local bus drivers as they drive very recklessly, so don’t fall in line with their driving! Chiang Rai is famous for sights like The White Temple while Chiang Rai is famous for the city center and lots of cultural and historical significance. The whole drive itself is quite fun and takes you through an abundance of different mountains, full of little rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and much more! No need to rush, nobody ever is in Thailand.

Mae Sot to Bangkok:

Driving from Mae Sot to Bangkok is around 500 kilometers and takes around 6 hours. The drive itself is quite lovely because you’ll get to pass many national parks, like Taksin Maharat National Park and Mae Moei National Park before heading into the mega city that makes up Bangkok. Bangkok itself is obviously where everything happens in Thailand, but the outskirts provide just as much life, love, and culture as the rest of Thailand. People are friendly, so take the time to explore slowly.
If you want just some fun simple drives near the Mae Sot itself, take the 26-kilometer drive to Tararak Waterfall and have a picnic. You can also take the Asian Highway to Pha Wo Shrine which is a famous Thai shrine.