Car Rental Hua Hin

Hua Hin is approximately 3 hours drive time from Bangkok. It is a family friendly beach resort with lots of Golf courses and exclusive spas. Hua Hin car rental will enable you to take day trips, take shopping trips and be in control of your holiday.

The average price of car rental is relatively cheap, with a mid sized automatic car setting you back approx 20 USD per day. Add in the fact that fuel costs are much cheaper than the west and you have found an economical way to get out and about whilst in Hua Hin. Another reason to take advantage of car rental in Hua Hin is the relatively low excess, normally under 500 USD. This can be waived to zero for a small additional daily charge.   

Hua Hin Car Rental - Town Center

The main road that runs through Hua hin tends to get congested, downtown is a pedestrian zone and finding a parking space can be difficult. The main artery road connects most of the hotels and shopping complexes and the driving lanes are well marked with few accidents. Still it is best to use your self drive vehicle for day trips or going to the shopping complex. In the evenings if you intend strolling and shopping only then just use the local taxi service which is relatively cheap. It is always advisable to agree or negotiate the price before getting into the taxi, although you will find most taxi drivers are fair and honest.

If you wish to venture further afield it is best to consider the hua hin car hire options. All the key players are represented and both car rental and fuel prices are cheap in comparison to western countries.

Can the rental car be delivered to my Hotel, Moo Baan or Condo?

Budget Rent A Car Thailand, Hertz and Thai Rentals all offer a free delivery service within office hours. Service is available outside office hours but overtime fees circa THB500 will apply. When booking select the delivery option and provide full details of collection and delivery locations and we will arrange the rest.

Beware of Motorcycles

Always check for motor motorcycles before opening doors and give them a wide berth when driving. Remember if a vehicle flashes its headlights it means that they are warning you, and they do not intend stopping. Be particularly careful at U Turns are these are notorious accident hot spots. In general, drive slow and give respect to pedestrians and motorcyclists, and your trip will be accident free. All our packages include CDW with Budget currently offering a zero excess package.

Should I hire a rental car in Hua Hin

Firstly driving in and around is easy and their are many things to do such as visiting the nearby floating market. For a special day out you can visit The Monsoon Valley  Vineyards. This is a perfect day trip that can combine a tour of the vineyards with an exclusive dining experience in their Sala Restaurant that overlooks the vineyards. 

Sala Dining Hua Hin

One Way Car Hire Hua Hin

A popular option is to pickup up your rental at Bangkok international airport or Don Mueang domestic Airport and drive direct to Hua Hin. If you decide you could return the car to the supplier local depot and get a taxi ride back to the airport.

Compare Car Rental Hua Hin

If you need to rent a car in Hua Hin it pays to compare the price from various car hire hire providers. We can help you do just that. Enter your proposed hua hin car rental dates into the booking engine and we will show you all the Thailand car rental options available.

Car rental options range from small budget cars to larger luxury cars. The price of fuel is cheap it works out much more convenient than relying on pickup taxis. Taxis in Hua Hin are few an far between and they can charge can charge what they like and it is the only option to visit nearby attractions . If you are just out and about local pickup taxis are plentiful and relatively cheap.

Budget Car Rental Depot Hua Hin

The Budget car rental  depot is located at the Grand Hotel & Plaza 222/2 Petchkasem Rd downtown Hua Hin. Don’t forget we can also arrange a delivery service to the nearby resort of Cha Am.