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Car Hire Thailand Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ section for car hire Thailand, below we havea list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers. Whilst reading these please take note that we offer Thailand car rental from multiple suppliers and each supplier will have slightly different terms and conditions. As such many frequently asked questions can only be answered fully by referring directly to the supplier's terms and conditions page ( links below).

First Time Hiring A Car in Thailand?

Thailand is a popular fly drive destination with a first rate road structure. Please always have a copy of your passport and original licence when driving. It is very easy to get lost, particularly if driving in or around Bangkok. As such, we do recommend hiring a GPS system, it will save you hours recovering from missed exits or wrong turns.

Do I need an International Driving Licence?

No, all that is needed is a driving licence from your country of domicile, i.e if coming from the UK then a UK licence will suffice.

Do I Need a Credit Card?

Without exception, the lead driver must have a credit card for the local security deposit. Cash is not accepted. If you do not have a credit card, can you change the name of the lead driver to a person with a licence and credit card that you are travelling with? If yes, then you could simply add yourself as an additional driver.

Do I need a Special Licence to Drive the Minibuses?

Minibus hire is very popular in Thailand and most vans can seat 11 or 12 passengers, details on booking screen. No special licence is required to drive these minibuses.

Are you arriving out of hours

If your booking has been accepted out of normal office hours, the supplier will provide a meet and greet service. Please ensure the supplier has your flight details, so they can track if the flight is delayed. If it is very late an out of hours fee may be applied, this will be explained before confirming  the booking.

How do I Add Extras?

Extras such as GPS may be added after you have selected your vehicle, simply tick the box beside the desired extra, price of extra will also be displayed at this stage.

Links to Suppliers Terms and price for extras

Please refer to the car rental supplier page, example Budget Car Rental Thailand and the others for details of any costs associated with these extras. Most extras are charged on a daily basis, but if you are capped at a maximum amount per rental.

What Insurance is provided?

This a very important part of any auto rental. All our suppliers provide first class insurance. First class insurance is the term used in Thailand for comprehensive insurance. Some suppliers will apply an excess and others offer zero excess. In comparison to other countries, the excess amount is low. However, this can still be waived by paying an extra daily amount. This can be done when picking up from the rental depot. Another approach is to purchase worldwide excess cover as a separate policy.
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What is Zero Excess?

All rental companies provide insurance cover, however an excess can apply. The excess is the amount that the renter will be liable for if the vehicle is damaged. We have negotiated a special package with Zero excess with Budget and Sixt in Thailand. Which means if you book through us with either Budget or Sixt you have zero liability

Is There a Minimum Hire Period?

The normal minimal hire period is 24 hours, you may rent for a few hours, but most suppliers will charge you the daily rate, Budget offer special rate for part day rentals please enter booking times to find the best prices

Can I Amend or Cancel my Booking?

Normally, you may amend your booking free of charge at anytime before the start date. If your circumstances change. Cancellations are free of charge, but a minimum of 48 hours notice is required before the pickup date.

Do You Refund For Unused Days?

We can not refund for unused days, but this should be covered in your holiday insurance. If you must return the vehicle early please contact us, and we will request a part refund, but it will be dependent on the supplier.

Can I extend the car rental ?

After rental has started you may request an extension by contacting us or contacting the supplier direct, to get the best rate we advise contacting us.

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