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    If you need a good deal on car rental Hat Yai airport, compare the prices of multiple rental suppliers. We can help by doing just that for you. Simple enter your rental dates into the above booking form . The engine will then display all the available options from all the suppliers with depots in Hat Yai or at Hat Yai airport.

    Great choice of rental cars

    All Thailand car rentals include CDW and Theft Protection. With Budget we have an exclusive zero excess package and included 2 free additional drivers. 4WD or 4×4 is in demand in this region of Thailand and both Sixt and Budget offer this option. Be advised that damage to underneath of vehicles is not covered so stay on paved roads.

    Small Econmy Cars

    Smaller economy vehicles include the Honda Jazz and Nissan Almeria , all car categories are automatic and fully air conditioned. Larger luxury saloons are also available and include the Honda Accord and the full size Camry 2.0 liter. Petrol or GAS is fairly cheap in Thailand so renting a larger saloon is affordable.

    Larger 7 setaers and pickups 

    The MPV style Fortuner or Isus MU7 can seat 7 passengers, if after luxury and better drive quality consider the Honda Step Wagon from Budget car rental Thailand that can accommodate 6 passengers in comfort and style. Extras are available and include multi lingual GPS, child seats can also be booked in advance. In addition we provide auto rentals through out Thailand with car hire Phitsanulok airport being a  favourites destination.


    99 Moo 3, Khlong La, Khlong Hoi 

    IATA code

    Hat Yai airport IATA code is HDY

    ICAO code

    Hat Yai airport ICAO code is VTSS.

    If my flight into Hat Yai Airport arrives outside opening Hours What Happens?

    The car rental kiosks are mostly always open to meet all flight arrivals. However if you do arrive outside of opening hours or your flight is delayed, a representative from the rental company will be waiting for you in arrivals. As such it is imperative that you include your flight arrival details on the booking form. Without this information the Hat Yai car rental staff will not be able to track your flight and make an out of hours arrangement to meet you.

    Car Rental Hat Yai

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    About Hat Yai

    Hat Yai is Thailand’s fourth-largest city, one of the country's top shopping and commercial districts, and is extremely popular among local tourists. There are many street food stalls that sit adjacent to big Western-style shopping malls, creating a pleasant mix of commercialism and authenticity. If you're in search of an evening of dancing, the town is well-known raft of pubs, night-time bars, and clubs, which are popular with locals and expats alike.

    Driving in Hat Yai is straightforward so if you don’t feel like journeying out of the city, take a local temple tour by car instead. The highlight of the city’s temples, which houses the globe’s third-largest reclining Buddha.

    The best beaches in the area are perhaps Samila and Son Awn, where the white sand is backed by eating and drinking options. With your own auto you can visit both coastal and inland attractions near to Hat Yai in comfort, with the city’s roads offering a smooth, well-signed ride.

    Samila and Son Awon Beaches pluse Ton Nga Waterfall

    less than an hour’s drive from Hat Yai are these two Gulf coast beaches where relaxation is the order of the day. Kick back in the sand with fresh seafood or a traditional Thai massage before taking a slow drive back to the city in air-conditioned comfort.

    30kms to the west is this mighty waterfall, which makes for a great day trip. The seven-tiered waterfall in one place resembles an elephant’s tusks, with plenty of surrounding spots at which to picnic or trek. Use Google route planner to help you plan your trip or consider booking GPS as an optional extra .

    Floating Market

    The Klonghae Floating Market can be found in Khlong Hae in Hat Yai. Here, the vendors pack their wares onto small boats and jostle with each other to gain the attention, and hopefully the business of potential buyers alongside the canals. There are a large number of vendors that sell a variety of local Thai food and snacks. The market has a campaign for the environment where sellers will use coconut shells, bamboo tubes, and clay pots instead of using plastic bags or foam boxes for packaging theirs goods.

    Samila and Son On Beaches

    Laem Son On Beach is situated to the northwest of Laem Samila. It is naturally shaded by pine trees that line both sides of the road that leads to the beach. Here, at the end of the peninsula one can see the statue of Prince Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the 28th son of King Rama V. Rama V was also the founder of The Royal Thai Navy. The locals will confirm that the best view of Ko Nu and Songkhla Lake can be had from here.

    Samila Beach is often referred to as the twin sister of Laem On. It to, has a much revered statue. This one depicts Mae Thorani as a mermaid. This statue has become an iconic symbol of Songkhla, and has evolved into a shrine for locals that believe it has the ability to bring them good fortune.

    Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

    The falls are located in the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary. It is without question, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the southern Thailand This waterfall has seven distinct levels, the third level being the most beautiful, and is named after the waterfall. On this level, the flowing stream separates into two, resembling an elephant’s tusks.

    Compare Thailand Car Rental Prices

    Find the best Thailand car hire deal by getting multipe quotes today.

    Hat Yai Driving Tips

    Always be vigilant as some locals do not adhere fully to the rules of the road. For example, it is not uncommon for drivers who have missed a motorway exit to reverse back into oncoming traffic rather than proceeding to the next exit.

    Traffic drives on the left same as UK. Roads are in general in good condition, but with heavy traffic, potholes can be a problem. Be cautious of motorbikes while driving and when opening doors. 

    Braking and Speed

    It is important to drive within the speed limits and to keep the correct distance from the car in front. This should enable you to deal with a the car in front suddenly coming to a halt. This can happen because of an accident  or a driver that simply disregards the driving conventions that we take for granted. 

    For example when two roads merge into one, It is not uncommon for a driver to stop at the point of merger and tun  left into the new lane of traffic. Picture the  scenario, you are driving along at 80 km's per hour keeping your distance from car ahead and you also see that road ahead is all clear. In this scenario would you expect the car in front come to a sudden halt ?  The answer should be no, but if two roads are about to merge it can and does happen.

    Multiple Quotes for Car Rental Hat Yai Airport

    Start comparing the prices of Hat Yai car rental to find a deal that meets with your travel requirements. We provide quotes from all leading rental car suppliers that are represented on or off the airport. Most if not all will offer free miles plus 1 or 2 free additional drivers.

    Compare Car Rental Hat Yai Prices

    Find the best Thailand car hire deal by getting multipe quotes today.