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    Chic Car Rent was formed in 2004 with the backing of largest Honda dealer in Thailand. They started off with just one location on Sathorn( business center of Bangkok)  and have now extended to multiple  locations throughout Thailand.

    Chic Car Rental Thailand is the latest rental supplier to provide a national car rental service within Thailand. They have a good coverage with depots in Chiang Mai, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, Chiang Rai, U Tapao, Udon Thani and Phuket

    chic car rent

    Bookable Extras

    GPS Navigation : 100 Baht per day

    Baby Seats :  Approx 200 Baht per day : Chic Car Rent will provide a maximum of 3 baby seats. The seats or of two types. The first is for newborn and the second type is for a toddler 4 years plus. If you need more than 2 seats we advise booking a  large car such as the Camry to give you adequate space.

    Baby seats can be fitted to the rear or front of the vehicle. They can be either forward facing or rear facing depending on age of chile. Chich will fit baby seats in the forward facing position. If this is not suitable please let Chic Car Rent know in advance.

    Local Excess: 

    Chic cars come an insurance excess. This excess can be waived by taking out what they call super waiver at approx cost of 150 THB per day. With this you excess is zero, but you will still be responsible damage to underside and windows.

    Fuel Policy

    Chic Operate a Pre Paid Fuel System :  This is great if you are return to catch a flight and are unsure where to find a local gas station to fill the tank. This is an option and the price they charge for fuel is reasonable. Please note the downside is they will not make any refund for unused fuel.

    The Chic Rental Fleet

    As Chic Car Rent is the product of a Honda Dealership all cars are Hondas with good safety features. For example all models including the basic Brio will have dual airbags fitted. The only downside is the absence of a good 7 rugged seater such as the Toyota Fortuner, instead you will have to make do with the Honda CRV more luxury than off roader.

    The Chic Honda Brio - Easy on gas

    Chic Honda Brio

    The Chic Honda CRV or Toyota Fortuner - 7 Seaters

    Honda CRV Chic

    In the 7 seater category Chic offer both the 7 seater Honda CRV and the 7 seater Fortuner. When all 7 seats are in use please note you will have very limited luggage space.

    Map of Chic Car Rentals Locations in Thailand

    Chic Car Rental Locations Thailand

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